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Surprising Sunday

Sunday wave 1

Sunday wave 2

Those trusty online wave forecasting sites don’t let you down too often, but this Sunday both Surfline and Magicseaweed were way way off. I went to sleep Saturday night expecting Sunday to be nothing more than blown out surf, but when I woke up it was a totally different story. The Island was getting clean five to six footers, so I texted the crew and we were on it by 7:30am.

Sunday was one of the best days I’ve had on Long Island in a while — compare that to last Wednesday, when there were fun little waist high waves but about 45 other people in the water at 5am… The wave forecasters had it right then, but with a little less than ideal projections I found it a much more enjoyable time.

Gliding Maui

Here are a few disposable camera photographs from a knee-high session in Maui. We rented a beat up longboard from a surf lesson truck in the parking lot and took turns riding waves. It was Ciji’s first time really surfing.

maui up from above

maui ciji underwater

maui ciji paddle

maui ciji shaka

maui ciji up

maui doug ciji

maui doug

maui glide

maui walking

maui inside

Posing For Tourists At Ocean Beach

I was surfing at Ocean Beach today, and it was good. I surfed for just over an hour and came in when I figured the drift pulled me up the beach enough. Ciji drove down with me and was enjoying the sunny day on a blanket down the beach where I first paddled out, so I had a little walk ahead of me to make it back to her.

Today was one of those days at Ocean Beach where you didn’t feel like you were at Ocean Beach. The sun was out. There wasn’t any wind, and the waves were cracking.

Sun is a huge variable when surfing Ocean Beach. Paddle outs seem less of a challenge when the sky’s blue. Bigger waves seem more makable. It was one of those days.

After a fun surf I had a big smile on my face as I made my way down the beach towards Ciji. I walked passed a group of ten or so middle-aged Asian women who were taking photos of the ocean like they’ve never seen it before. They all seemed just about as happy as I was.

As I got closer to the group of women, they turned their cameras on me. Dripping wet and holding a surfboard I probably looked pretty “California” to them.

One of the ladies ran directly in front of me and snapped a photo. She was maybe two feet away from me. I stopped. The smile on my face never went away, and I decided to acknowledge the impromptu but welcomed photo shoot by throwing up a peace sign with my hand.


It was as if the peace sign was an invitation for a full fledged photo shoot. Everyone of the women shrieked with joy when I stopped and made the peace sign.

Immediately I was surrounded by the entire group as one person took turns playing photographer while the other women gathered behind me. I stood with my surfboard holding a peace sign in the air for several clicks of the camera.

I asked the women where they were visiting from and was told China as they looked down at the screen of their cameras, reviewing the photos they just took with me.

I thanked them for bringing the nice weather to San Francisco during their trip, waved goodbye and made my way on down the beach.

Not a bad way to cap off a nice day in the ocean. I only wish I had one of the photos.

Magical California

California is a magical state, and you can buy stuff like this at car washes.

Fall Skies

That’s it people. Summer is over. It’s not a bad thing. September may just be the nicest time to be a surfer on Long Island. The air and water are about the same temp. The crowds are starting to fade, and waves have seem to take their place.

This past Wednesday I took full advantage of the end of Summer. I surfed head high clean waves until dark. And who doesn’t enjoy a yellow Fall sky.

Surfing With Two Boards

Pro surfer Jamie O’Brien catching a wave with one board and riding it with another.

Surfline posted a series of these photos of Jamie O’Brien making this two-board transfer at Pipeline. I turned them into a radical gif! Here’s what Jamie told Surfline about the trick:

The Wave Storm is 8’0″ and thick. It’s like a boat and it paddles better than any board I’ve ever paddled in my life. For the transfer, I use a Bill Johnson little fish funboard. The reason I like it and the reason it came to mind is because I can lie on the nose when I take off.

[gif created with photos by Paul “Gordinho” Cohen]

Surf’s Up: Quiksilver Pro New York Begins

While Hurricane Irene caused all the music events to be called off and created a crazy rumor mill speculating on how the entire contest was canceled, the Quiksilver Pro NY has finally kicked off in Long Beach, New York.

Today were the trials and free surf events, held in knee to waist high surf. It was a cool scene out in Long Beach. The waves haven’t been ideal and certainly aren’t on par with the conditions that these pros have already seen on the tour, but Hurricane Katia is hopefully about to churn up the ocean and bring a solid swell to Long Island.

I’m thinking this upcoming week should definitely be worth checking out.

San Francisco’s Ocean Beach Through The Eyes Of An East Coaster

East coast surfer and Ice Tubes reader, Bill Miltenberg, recently made a trip to San Francisco and experienced Ocean Beach for the first time. While the surf wasn’t up, the infamous beach left yet another lasting impression on one of its visitors. Below is Bill’s OB experience ~

San Francisco ruined everything. I had already worked it all out—New York City (where I’m currently moving to—all of my belongings are in a storage unit near the Battery Tunnel as of this post) and San Diego were the only real places I could honestly say that I wanted to live. Whereas New York offered jobs, friends and surf, San Diego was my dreamy California escape location. There simply was no room for San Francisco.

But, a work opportunity placed me out there for three days, and after a day of bouncing around Market Street and the Union Square area of the Financial District, and with the help of one @dmadey and Ice Tubes, I hopped on the MUNI 5 bus out to Ocean Beach. Within 40 minutes, I went from a New York-like urban downtown to the Pacific. From all the videos and sites I’ve seen dedicated to capturing the essence of being a city surfer, it felt like San Francisco was hiding a major secret: you can live a true city lifestyle without missing a dawn patrol—all without a car.

Once I made it to the end of the line, Ocean Beach reminded me of Long Beach, New York in late November—cold, grey and maligned by onshore winds. Waist-to-chest with 15 mph winds didn’t look all too appetizing as I sat without neither a board nor a wetsuit on the beach, but there were guys still getting good rides (at 2:30pm on a Monday…don’t surfers have to work?). The Swellinfo forecast had been showing similar conditions for the weeks that I’d been checking it in advance of my trip, which I’ll just assume is the August norm—cold, grey, waist-to-chest with onshore winds.

But the potential was clearly there. I walked around and spoke to a couple guys from Wise Surfboards, and heard November is possibly the best month for Ocean Beach. For me though, even on a cold and grey day during the city’s worst month, I saw the potential of living, working and surfing in San Francisco—completely throwing a wrench in my New York/San Diego plan. That, and the local Anchor Steam beer was damn good.

Back In The Water

For the past year and a half I have been recovering from ACL surgery waiting for the day when my knee would be healthy enough so I could surf again. Well, today my knee felt pretty good and the ACL should be completely healed by now, so I decided it was time to test it out.

I had been watching the surf reports all winter, and every time a swell came through it was always just a little bit too big or too cold for me to really want to head out for my “return” session. But today the weather and waves were in my favor. It was sunny and in the low 40’s with clean waist high waves. I only managed three waves, but they felt great (and the knee held together).

Gilgo Beach, NY. February 26, 2011

Surfing Ocean Beach San Francisco Appears Less Frightening In Slideshow

The Richmond Blog posted this slideshow of surf photos taken at Ocean Beach San Francisco. It’s an awesome compilation of surf shots, but I’ve taken enough crushing blows while surfing Ocean Beach to know that it’s much more daunting than this sweet little slideshow makes it seem. That is part of Ocean Beach’s charm, though.

SORRY: You can’t watch the video here on Ice Tubes, but it’s good to go on YouTube.

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