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Magical Moments From SURFER Magazine

hat making genius

There’s a column in SURFER magazine called Curious Gabe. In it, a guy named Gabe Sullivan drives to various cities in southern California asking local surfers one question. It’s entertaining enough. In this month’s magazine, Gabe asks his interviewees “What makes a surfboard magic?” Hat maker (yep, hat maker), Nick Fouquet, gives the answer you’d expect from a spiritual craftsman like himself and also doesn’t disappoint with his photo. Nick Fouquet you’re awesome.

It happend on Long Island! Kelly Slater’s frontside reverse

We’ve already posted a video of Kelly’s perfect 10 from the New York contest, but since SURFER declared it one of their greatest rides of all time AND it happend on Long Island I think it’s worth another look.

Port Wine Cheese Board

surfing on port wine

port wine cheese

A Wall Of Water

 [photo: Silas Hansen]

I’ve been mesmerized by this photo from the June issue of SURFER magazine. This is the heaviest, thickest, scariest, sandiest shore break I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop looking at it. For all the variables that comprise the Ocean Beach surfing experience, shore break is rarely a consideration. Maybe that’s why I’m so stuck on this photo.

What’s the next move for this guy?

Before It Was Famous: Surfing Montauk 10 Years Ago

At the very end of Long Island, past the glitz of the Hamptons, is a little town called Montauk. Along its cliffs is a famous lighthouse and below those cliffs are some decent rock bottom reef breaks that make the drive out to the eastern most part of the island worthwhile.

In the December 2010 issue of SURFER, Montauk was listed as one of the “5 spots you must surf this winter.” The swells are bigger and the offshore winds more prevalent along the east coast during the winter months, but you better be prepared for frigid temps and ice tubes.

My brother and I have been surfing Montauk for years, so it’s nice to finally see eastern Long Island getting some credit in the surfing world. When I saw this latest editorial in SURFER I recalled a trip we took to Montauk during the summer of 2000. The waves were small, but after a one and a half hour drive we were happy to surf anything.

The below photos were taken during that surf session in August.

While Surfing, Most Surfers Are Thinking About Sharks [Infographic]

The November 2010 issue of Surfer Magazine published “semi-scientific results of what nearly 2,000 surfers think about life, themselves, and how we ride waves…” The survey produced some interesting data, but in my opinion it could have been vizualied better. As a NorCal surfer, one of my favorite results from the survey showed that 34% of surfers never think about sharks while surfing. I tried to display this data a bit more visually in the below infographic.

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