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A Cool Thing Happened On My Bike Ride To Work Today

I was waiting at a stoplight on 14th street today when a guy on a bike behind me said, “Hey, can I ask you a quick question. Was that bike stolen off a MUNI bus?”

I wouldn’t normally be excited to have strangers accuse me of being in possession of stolen property, but the bike I was riding, which this guy was referring to when he asked me if it was stolen, looked vaguely similar to my previous bike which was stolen off the front of a MUNI bus on November 6th.

When I told this guy that the bike I was currently riding hadn’t been stolen from a MUNI bus (it was purchased legally from a friend), but that my old bike had indeed been stolen from the front of a MUNI, he said that the PVC tees attached to my frame reminded him of a bike he had read about that had been stolen off MUNI.

The PVC tees are part of a surfboard rack, which were on my old when it was stolen and currently are on my new bike.

doug bikes

You see I was so bummed when my bike was stolen that I took to this little blog to write all about it. Thankfully the good people at Mission MissionSFist and Uptown Almanac helped me out and did the same. And this guy had read about my stolen bike, remembered it had PVC tees on it, and well over a month after it was taken from me had the good nature to ask a total stranger if he was riding a stolen bike to presumable help out a fellow bicyclist!

While my old bike is still gone, and never coming back, it’s awesome to know that there are people out there (strangers no doubt) still looking out for you.

A Cautionary Tale About Putting Your Bike On A MUNI Bus

I was enjoying some after work drinks on Election Night when I decided I had one too many to safely ride my bike home. I put my bike on the front rack of an outbound #71 at Market and 2nd, and took a seat on the front of the bus. I was on the sixth seat back, and had a decent view of my bike. The next stop was Stockton and we pulled up to a red light. As people were boarding the bus I had my head down until the driver called out that someone was taking my bike. By the time I stood up my bike was gone. I ran off the bus and headed back down Market assuming the thief was riding off in that direction but I couldn’t see anything among the lights of Market Street rush hour traffic.

So long bike.

I like to believe that everything happens for a reason, so hopefully my shitty experience will prevent other people from having their bicycles jacked on a bus. Never take your eye off your bike, and if you can throw a u-lock around the tire and frame before you put it on the rack.

I’m not optimistic about getting my bike back, but if you see it on craigslist or at a flea market please don’t buy it. It’s just a bike, but I liked it very much. Here’s what it looked like when it was stolen:

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