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You May or May Not Be Able To Watch The 49ers Game Here


Cole Valley keeping it confusing.

Gingerbread Superdome

Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel displayed this gingerbread version of the Louisiana Superdome.

New Orleans Saints Fans Work A 9 to 2

I live and work in New Orleans, and I got this email the other day at work

As a result of the anticipated large crowds that will be in the CBD for the NFL parade and concerts and this being a Thursday night game, the Home Office will close early. Home Office employees may leave at 2:00 PM in order to avoid the traffic congestion associated with the game and all of the NFL pre-game activities that will take place around the CBD.

They also wanted me to wear a Saints jersey to work, nice try! Guex Saints! (on weekday games). JETS FREAKIN RULE!

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