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It Sometimes Rains In Southern California

surf van los angeles

This isn’t the Los Angeles I signed up for, but I’m not complaining. I was heavier than usual following Thanksgiving with the in-laws as we drove across the Valley through the canyon ending up at a perfectly mellow right point break.

It sprinkled on and off throughout the morning, but a steady rain began to fall as I put my wetsuit on. We parked in the lot. It cost $8. All the locals park along the Pacific Coast Highway and pay nothing. You surf and you learn.

Two guys my parents age smoked pot inside their red van, which had multiple “FTW” stickers along its side. They were waiting out the rain before they could give the surf a proper check. In Los Angeles this can often times mean smoking 2 cigarettes in a pair of Uggs while the perfectly formed little waves continue to break while you finish smoking 2 cigarettes.

Point breaks are the best and the worst. There’s no real paddle out, but the crowd just hangs in one spot.

The crowd that day was great. Fat dudes with earnings on longboards and decent hipsters with long hair and mustaches who more than likely have blogs and spend their time drinking IPA or Mexican beer as they blog about surf related things.

I hung on the edge and caught the smaller waves inside before gradually drifting my way into the pack. It would have been better without my kelp harvesting leash on. The kelp cost me 3 waves that day, but it’s better than losing my board and it hitting a fat dude with earnings who would yell at me for bringing such reckless abandon to his mellow beach. And he’d be right, of course.

Lakers Fans Are Going Crazy Without Basketball

Tough to tell what’s crazier. Is it her “dance like there’s no one watching” attitude, or the giant Los Angeles Lakers sticker she decided to put on the door. Regardless, it’s clear that all basketball fans, especially Lakers fans, need the NBA lockout to end as soon as possible.

Banksy Transforms A Restaurant Window In Los Angeles

Is the image of a woman holding kabobs on the front window of a Sherman Oaks restaurant the work of Banksy? The street artist’s stuff has been showing up throughout Los Angeles as of late, and El Katracho is a pretty popular restaurant. Anyone know if Banksy likes Honduran food?

Bar Parking Lots

You’ve got to drive everywhere in Los Angeles, and unfortunately that includes bars. This parking lot outside of a bar in the San Fernando Valley is just an amazingly sad scene.

Please note that this is not an action shot and that Volkswagen is not pulling out of the parking space, its driver just decided that only 1/3 of the car needed to fit into the spot. And yes, the owner of the Jaguar left their lights on…

Maybe the owners of these two cars are buddies, and they were both sitting at home and one of them said to the other, “Last one to happy hour is a rotten egg!”, and this is what came of it.

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