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Long Island Makes the Cover of SURFING Magazine

So yeah, Kelly Slater definitely played a part in Long Island getting featured on the cover of SURFING Magazine’s January 2012 issue. It’s not like just anyone can throw down monstrous 360 airs.

But let’s also take a moment to recognize the fact that the big beautiful green wave peeling into a perfect launch ramp on the cover of this surf mag broke off the coast of Long Island.

Surf’s Up: Quiksilver Pro New York Begins

While Hurricane Irene caused all the music events to be called off and created a crazy rumor mill speculating on how the entire contest was canceled, the Quiksilver Pro NY has finally kicked off in Long Beach, New York.

Today were the trials and free surf events, held in knee to waist high surf. It was a cool scene out in Long Beach. The waves haven’t been ideal and certainly aren’t on par with the conditions that these pros have already seen on the tour, but Hurricane Katia is hopefully about to churn up the ocean and bring a solid swell to Long Island.

I’m thinking this upcoming week should definitely be worth checking out.

You’re Talking About Surfing In New York, Stop The Bullshit

The Quiksilver Pro New York is only a few days away from kicking off in Long Beach (well, hopefully…). So to wet your pallet before the contest begins, check out this video of New Yorkers providing their two cents on surfing in the Big Apple.

ASP World Tour Gets In A New York State Of Mind

The Quiksilver Pro and ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) have made it official – they will host their first ever east coast stop on an ASP World Tour.  The Quiksilver Pro 2011 will hold one of it’s three contest at Long Beach, NY.  If you thought pro surfers wouldn’t make the trip to come surf our “less than world class” waves, think again. Quiksilver is putting up a $1 million dollar prize purse, which should ensure that everyone shows up.

Long Island and New York City have a strong surf community, and maybe more importantly for the contest we have people – lots of people.  Check out what Coney Island looks like on a hot summer day:

Both Quiksilver and Billabong already have large stores in the heart of Times Square to cash in on the New York market, and I’m sure they are betting on this tour bring in more advertising dollars.

New York Might Go Pro…In Surfing

[Photo: Kirk Condyles / The New York Times]

I recently came across an article posted on last month by Jon Coen, which discussed the possibility of having the east coast leg of the ASP World Tour in New York. As of right now, the east coast location is still TBD, but dates are set for September 3 – 12, 2011.

New York has good surf, and yes it would have a hard time holding up to the majority of locations on the tour (read: Pipeline, Bells Beach, Trestles, Jeffreys Bay, etc.), but the buzz around the event would be huge.

New York has a strong surf community, and given the proximity to New York City and it’s 8 million + inhabitants, it would be hard to say that the event wouldn’t draw a crowd.

One potential location is Long Beach, NY.

Who knows, we could get lucky and catch a good hurricane swell. What do you think, should the ASP World Tour come to New York?

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