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Four Loko Jewelry

[photo via REFINERY29]

Thank god these Four Loko earrings came out before Valentine’s Day…

Spotted by Art of Moda blogger, Yasemin.

Four Loko Still Available In New Orleans, And My Sister Has A Blog

My sister goes to college in New Orleans and lives in the Uptown district. She’s started blogging at Uptown NOLA and just posted on the 7 row availability of Four Loko at the Oak Street Market. College kids + blog = Four Loko. This photo was taken just yesterday and look at all that product!

Washington State Rains On Four Loko Parade

Come November 18th there will be a temporary ban (lasting 120 days) on Four Loko in Washington state, so please enjoy this graphic and the impending fire sale of the alcoholic beverage throughout Spokane liquor stores.


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