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You Feelin’ This Shirt?

Haight The Marina shirts are now being seen on Long Island, New York. There’s a handful of these first-run tees in circulation right now. If you got one of them, we want to see it.

Snap a photo of yourself wearing the shirt and send it to us so we can throw it up on the blog. We’re doing a second printing of the shirt, with a hot new design, and will make sure you get an early heads up.

Fire Island Beer Company Keeps It Weird

According to beer blog The Pint Glass, Fire Island Beer Compnay makes a “respectable ale”, but I just can’t get passed their bizarre labeling. The Fire Island Lighthouse is a landmark on Long Island’s South Shore, so I cringe when I see it positioned behind a New York-cowboy riding a deer. Now this: barrel rolling.

[photo via The Pint Glass]

Would you consider barrel rolling in a bay where people manage to drive their boats clear onto the shore? Hey Fire Island Beer Company, how about using some images of clammers or a sailboat?

Snow On The Beach

No one shovels the wooden boardwalks leading to the Fire Island Lighthouse, but it remains open year round. I took a walk there yesterday with a camera phone.

Frozen beach grass.

Frozen driftwood. According to my brother, who was clam digging here in August, this piece of driftwood hasn’t moved since the summer. Crazy to think that only four months ago this water was warm enough to swim in.

Fluke Fishing Long Island’s Great South Bay

It’s 6AM on Saturday morning and I’m not quite fully awake as I drive towards the marina, passing only a handful of cars on what is usually a busy highway. I was meeting up with my friend Mike (the captain) who was prepping the boat for a morning of fluke fishing on the Great South Bay.

Fluke fishing is great because all you have to do is let your weighted hook sink to the bottom and just jig your line a bit. According to captain Mike, the Great South Bay is full of fluke right now. We fished between the Fire Island Lighthouse and the Kismet Inn. Although we reeled in a number of fish, size regulations that require each fluke to be at least 21 inches long forced us to throw a few back.

We managed a few keepers, but ultimately the size regulation is good as it helps to rebuild the fluke population around Long Island. And there is nothing wrong with catch and release…”Honor of the Fish.

23" Fluke

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