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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I recorded some suburban summer soundz to accompany the pics, so for the full experience, turn your volume up and press play as you scroll on down.

Gone Fishing

I often forget how great it can be to spend a day out on the bay aboard one of the Captree fishing boats. Every summer I try to make it out at least one time. As soon as I got on the boat this past Saturday I instantly wondered why I had waited so long.

Driver Makes A Splash At Long Island Car Show

After what sounds like an unsuccessful attempt at ghost riding a whip, this car “accelerated across a parking lot and into the water near the docks at Captree State Park” during a car show on Long Island. The driver, who jumped into the car after it started moving, tried to stop it without any luck. According to the Long Island Press:

…[the] car hit several motorcycles, a parked car and launched about 8 feet into the air before hitting the water. No one was injured.

Just know that no matter how bad you thought your Monday was, this guy’s was ten times worse.

[thanks to cmadey for the heads up]

Why Do Crabs Love Chicken?

While displaying general laziness and showing disregard for others’ health, crab fishermen at Captree State Park on Long Island do their part to stimulate the economy. New York State Parks & Recreation pays college kids to clean up the raw chicken used as bait that gets left behind on the dock. Before the chicken rots in the hot sun, Cmadey snapped this photo and asked the question we’ve all been wondering, “Why do crabs love chicken?”

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