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SoMa Safeway Is A Graveyard For Bikes

Look at this pathetic scene. Bikes missing handle bars are thrown on top of bikes without seats, lying next to frames with no wheels. Not one bike locked to the rack inside the parking garage of this SoMa Safeway is in good enough condition to ride.

The situation gets even more bizarre when you notice the pile of old tubes lying next to a single tire U-locked to the rack. If you’re a bike in San Francisco, with no more reason to roll, this is where you go to die.

DIY Panhandle Bike Parking

Tired of waiting for bike racks in the panhandle, some forward thinking area bike rider said, “Fuck it, we’ll do it live” and installed their own. BIKE NOPA had the below to say, and provided more thoughts on the DIY project here:

Impatient for the official, authorized bike racks to be installed in the Panhandle Park, one of BIKE NOPA‘s readers decided to provide secure parking for himself and any of the other thousands of bicyclists who use the Panhandle Path in the interim. Yes, the bulletin board posts are public property, but instead of any admonition, how about saluting the public spiritedness of the stealthy bike parker?

Luckily I live close enough to the Panhandle to just walk to the basketball courts to get my game on.

New York City Winter Bike Parking


While San Francisco throws its glorious weather in the face of snow covered U.S. cities, those city’s cyclists persevere. I’ll try not to complain the next time four Bianchi Pistas locked to one street sign make me walk an extra block to find an open rack.

3 Bedrooms, Hardwood Floors and Bike Parking Available

Finding an apartment in San Francisco that comes with a parking spot is comparable to a magic trick. However, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a Craigslist ad for an apartment that comes with bike parking.

Hippie Bike Racks Battle It Out In San Francisco And Woodstock

While traveling in Upstate New York, Ice Tubes contributor wmadey discovered was shown this familiar bike rack by his girlfriend Van in Woodstock, New York, which had been previously photographed in San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood. It’s tough to say who’s ripping off who here…

Whole Foods Encourages Bike Riding In New Orleans

The Fleur-de-lis, NOLA locals and Lil Wayne tattoo them on their bodies and the city of New Orleans puts them on its bike racks. These stylish racks are located outside of the Whole Foods Market on Magazine Street in the Uptown district of New Orleans.

The city of New Orleans has been showing some love for its biking community with freshly painted bike lanes appearing along South Carrollton Avenue.

Books Are Not Just For Reading, You Can Lock Bikes To Them Also

In a recent post we wrote about the “Bike” bike rack located in the Western Addition. The name says it all, it’s a bike rack designed to look like a bike.

Apparently other neighborhoods in San Francisco have gotten creative with their bike racks. Check out the below photos of the “Books” bike rack installed outside the Richmond/Senator Milton Marks Library in the Inner Richmond.

9th Avenue (between Geary & Clement)

Photo by: Shaun Charity

10th Avenue (between Geary & Clement)

Photo by: Shaun Charity

Both these racks look really great, but I think they ultimately went for style over function. Seems like it would be tough to lock multiple bikes to these racks.

Bike Bike Rack

I stumbled across this bike rack in the Western Addition neighborhood of San Francisco. If you commute by bike on a daily basis you’re most likely always on the lookout for new things to lock your bike up to – street signs, parking meters, tall trees… This particular bike rack caught my eye.

I give you the Bike Bike Rack

I thought this was interesting because I recently read David Byrne’s (of The Talking Heads) book, “The Bicycle Diaries“, which has a section at the end devoted to the New York City-themed bike racks that he’s designed. Byrne’s bike racks are inspired by the neighborhood for which they are meant to be installed – “The Wall ST” is a dollar ($) sign, “The Bowery” a liquor bottle, and so on. They are creative, but still serve their purpose – providing cyclists with a structure to lock their bikes to. I don’t necessarily think this yellow bike with a sun-smiley face provides the proper representation of the Western Addition (although it was outside an elementary school), but it’s still super creative and more functional than most other bike racks in the city.

My brother sent me a post from DesignPhiladelphia that showcases the winner and finalists in their bike rack design competition. There are some pretty interesting designs that made it to the top of their list.

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