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Cypress Tree Silhouette In Beer Foam

Relaxing with a beer. Trying to see the foam for the trees.

beer foam cypress trees
Cypress Trees, Sutro Baths, San Franciscophoto by Sharon Mollerus via flickr

How Many Sips Does It Take To Get To The Bottom Of A Pint Of IPA

Dendrochronology is the scientific method of dating based on the analysis of patterns of tree-rings. Implementing that same methodology, I’ve discovered that it takes me roughly five sips to make it to the bottom of a pint of IPA.

Fire Island Beer Company Keeps It Weird

According to beer blog The Pint Glass, Fire Island Beer Compnay makes a “respectable ale”, but I just can’t get passed their bizarre labeling. The Fire Island Lighthouse is a landmark on Long Island’s South Shore, so I cringe when I see it positioned behind a New York-cowboy riding a deer. Now this: barrel rolling.

[photo via The Pint Glass]

Would you consider barrel rolling in a bay where people manage to drive their boats clear onto the shore? Hey Fire Island Beer Company, how about using some images of clammers or a sailboat?

Deer Rodeo

Lighthouse Ale, the official beer of the Fire Island Deer Rodeo.

Only Classy Beers Have Tin Foil

I was saving this for a Yankees World Series, but I guess an episode of How I Met Your Mother will suffice.

You’re Welcome, Baby – I Put A Lime In Your Corona

The next time you’re in a bar, the park or at the beach give this one a try.

“May I help the lady with that lime?”

For A True New Orleans Experience, Cafe Du Monde Coffee Best Drank With Blitzing Hangover

Graphic created with love by Doug while drinking coffee from Cafe Du Monde.

Red Stripe and Croakies

Two very strong indications that you’re a fancy hipster

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