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Free Wheels While Northeast Recovers From Hurricane Sandy

Online bike rental marketplace, Liquid (formerly Spinlister), is doing their part to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy by offering a $25 credit to rent a bike. Here’s the post from the Liquid blog:

Most bikes are between $10-$20 a day to rent. Hopefully this will help a few people navigate NYC during a difficult time while public transportation is being restored.

Lady Liberty Sunset

(photo via Heather Madey)

The Statue of Liberty, as seen from the NYC commuter ferry, heading from DUMBO to Williamsburg. Waterways are lovely.

Don’t Touch My F#@king Yoga Mat, Namaste

My sister puts up with some tough characters at her yoga class.

Saturday morning yoga class is very popular at the New York Sports Club in Queens. But one woman has taken reserving a spot to the extreme!

Stand Up Paddle Skateboarding Looks As Dumb As It Sounds

Just because I unfortunately watched a little of the video, I’m making you all do the same. An Unridden Season has the low down on this idiotic sport traffic hazard currently terrorizing New York City.

Ugh. So there’s this. I actually saw this guy last weekend flying down the pedestrian walkway along the West Side Highway while I was playing basketball. It was remarkably bizarre at the time, and watching this video now, it still is.

I’m not one to knock trying new things, but there’s “trying new things” and then there’s flat out being a jerk.

[via An Unridden Season]

San Franpsycho in NYC

San Franpsycho posted some sweet shots of their stickers holding prime location in New York City. West meets East. Any east coast readers want to try and find these?

[on Instagram via San Franpsycho]

[on Instagram via San Franpsycho]

These reminded me of an Isurus Wetsuits sticker I saw in rainy San Francisco’s Cole Valley neighborhood this past weekend.

New York Storms vs San Francisco Storms

Comparing storms on the eve of the NFC Championship game. Which city wins?

New York City got its first snow of 2012 yesterday.

[via Greg Madey on Twitter]

San Francisco got its first significant rain of 2012 yesterday.

Merry Christmas From Wall Street


I Surf New York

Put it on t-shirts and mugs! An Unridden Season gives us this radical twist on an old ad campaign, inviting you to enjoy surf tourism in New York.

Surf’s Up: Quiksilver Pro New York Begins

While Hurricane Irene caused all the music events to be called off and created a crazy rumor mill speculating on how the entire contest was canceled, the Quiksilver Pro NY has finally kicked off in Long Beach, New York.

Today were the trials and free surf events, held in knee to waist high surf. It was a cool scene out in Long Beach. The waves haven’t been ideal and certainly aren’t on par with the conditions that these pros have already seen on the tour, but Hurricane Katia is hopefully about to churn up the ocean and bring a solid swell to Long Island.

I’m thinking this upcoming week should definitely be worth checking out.

You’re Talking About Surfing In New York, Stop The Bullshit

The Quiksilver Pro New York is only a few days away from kicking off in Long Beach (well, hopefully…). So to wet your pallet before the contest begins, check out this video of New Yorkers providing their two cents on surfing in the Big Apple.

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