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Hurricane Preparedness

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, my sister gets ready for Isaac. Good luck!

The Tubes Visits New Orleans And Leaves Its Mark At Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

If you find yourself walking along Bourbon Street in New Orleans, may we suggest stopping in Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar. The whole Ice Tubes family passed through the bar this past weekend and left a reminder of our visit with a Sharpie.

Once owned by the “famous” pirate, Jean Lafitte, the bar is said to have been built in 1722 and may be the oldest structure used as a bar in the United States. Be that true or not, it’s worth a stop inside for an Abita and to also write “rules” or “sucks” below Ice Tubes on the table. Whatever you decide to write, we’d love to see a pic of it.

You May or May Not Be Able To Watch The 49ers Game Here


Cole Valley keeping it confusing.

How Far From Right Here

From this point this city is x-number of miles away.

I saw one of those signs in Kennebunkport, Maine pointing to all the places that summer tourists tend to visit from. I took the distance sign idea and thought it’d be cool to use it for the locations of my family members. I’m one of six brothers and sisters who are scattered across the US, so I have a few places to point to.

The key to these signs will be unique lettering for each city. The first one I made is New Orleans, and as you can see it’s 1,360 miles from there to Long Island.

Next up is San Francisco and Kew Gardens.

Rogue Artist Spruces Up Magazine Street Bus Stop

If you catch the #11 bus at Magazine and Valmont in New Orleans, you might have noticed a new addition to the stop. An unknown artist left a functional piece of art, making use of some red and yellow paint and some Abita bottle caps. Thank you mystery artist, now I have a place to sit while waiting for the bus in this 100 degree heat.

Rolling Out A Banksy In New Orleans

Last week my sister was visiting from New Orleans so I helped her turn our parent’s dining room into an art studio for a a quick project.

The background of her Twitter page is an image of a piece of art by the popular street artist, Banksy, depicting a little kid blinged out with a boombox under his arm. So, we decided to recreate that artwork with spray paint and markers on a large roll of paper.

When I drove her back down to New Orleans we made sure to pack the Bansky-recreation to show it off down in the French Quarter. Here are a few photos of us unrolling our Banksy in New Orleans down against St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square.

It’s Crawfish Season In New Orleans

Not only are crawfish delicious, but they also make attractive fence ornaments.

[Crawfish head on fence, a photo by cmadey @ Trash of New Orleans]

Available For Valet Shifts, Call 555-RICK

When I walked out to my car last Sunday morning I noticed that my neighbor had quite the Saturday night. Using my detective skills, I concluded that he had his car shot at (bullet hole in windshield) and then proceeded to crash into either a tree or the Incredible Hulk. Amazingly, he was able to drive home and successfully parallel park without hitting my car.

Not that it’s going to help his Kelley Blue Book value any, but at least he’s keeping his car smelling good with a pine tree air freshener.

A Blog About Trash

Finally, there’s a blog devoted to trash. Trash of New Orleans chronicles the various items of trash found in and around the Crescent City, while providing a possible backstory as to how and why the trash got there. If you’re wondering how this bag of garbage found its way in this tree, Trash of New Orleans has a possible explanation (hint: it might have to do with raccoons).

Hurricane Ice Cubes

A hurricane is a drink concocted from fruit punch and gasoline (lots of rum). They’re popular in New Orleans and quite delicious, and for some reason I decided to pour one into an ice cube tray.

Only good can come from these 1 inch x 1 inch frozen alcohol cubes. No longer will you get to the end of your drink and be bummed to see ice cubes, because hurricane ice cubes keep the good times rolling.

Now that ice cubes for the New Orleans drink are taken care of, we can move on to Fernet and Ginger Ale ice cubes for San Francisco…

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