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Deli Iced Tea as Long Island as it gets

deli iced tea LI

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Awesome Anchor Steam Beer Ad That’s Not Actually A Beer Ad

Surfboards, San Francisco, and beer. This photo from Grain Surfboards, which could easily be the coolest ad for Anchor Brewing, pretty much sums up a good time. Anchor Steam drinking surfboard shaping time.

Grain is currently in San Francisco running one of their popular surfboard shaping classes. I’ve never taken a class, but my brother has made several wooden boards from Grain kits and they sure are enjoyable to surf. Here’s Chris braving the elements on Long Island for a few winter waves with one of the Grain surfboards he built.

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90’s Ice Cream Bars and Popsicles

Editor’s note: This post was thought up and written by my wife Ciji. She’s awesome.

I was reminiscing with a friend the other day about all the awful food we consumed while growing up during the 90’s. Captain Crunch for breakfast, Chef Boyardee (was he really a chef?) for lunch and an ice cream bar or popsicle to satisfy the afternoon snack attack. This walk down junk food memory lane got me thinking about my most favorite ice cream bars and popsicles from the 90’s.

Here are my top 10 ten:

10. Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar


9. Jello Pudding Pops


8. WWF Ice Cream Bar


7. Orange Creamsicle


6. Fire Cracker


5. Otter Pops


4. Ninja Turtles (with gum) Ice Cream Bar


3. Big Stick

Big Stick

2. Baseball Glove (with gum) Ice Cream Bar

baseball glove

1. Push Up


Java Beach Has Perfect Sized Coffee Cups

coffee cup at ocean beach san francisco

The waves at Ocean Beach today were a little too big for my tastes and abilities, but the coffee at Java Beach was perfect. The small sized coffee served at the beachfront cafe is an ideal 10 ounces. Just perfect. I prefer a medium sized wave and a 10 oz coffee.

Hey, that’s nacho wave!

nacho wave

I know, I know. I haven’t blogged in forever and then this is what you get. It’s not the worst thing ever, though, right?

Yellow Watermelon Smoothie Might Be The Most Delicious and Easiest to Make

yellow watermelon smoothie

Admittedly, I didn’t know yellow watermelon existed until I bought one by mistake last week. They look exactly like a red watermelon from the outside, and taste pretty much the same – delicious. If you cut up half of a yellow watermelon and throw it in a blender with some ice it looks brilliant and tastes like you’re drinking a tall glass of summer. Very chill.

These are the only Ingredients you’ll need to make one of the best smoothies I’ve had:

– 1/2 yellow (or red) watermelon
– ice cubes (8 or so should do it)

Get loose on Jerry Garcia beer tomorrow at Magnolia

At 11am tomorrow you can start sinking pints of Jerry Beer, a collaboration brew between Magnolia & High Water Brewing, served up at Magnolia brew pub in honor of Grateful dead guitarist Jerry Garcia.

jerry day magnolia

If I didn’t have a job to be at tomorrow morning I would be at Magnolia. Here’s more from the brew pub about tomorrow and the rest of this week’s Jerry Garcia themed events:

Start the day off right — we tap at 11 in the morning. Chili dogs were kinda Jerry’s thing, so honor him by destroying a couple of our special Jerry dogs for lunch & dinner. As for the day’s playlist; Jerry did not author the playlist, but he did make this playlist the hippest. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of Jerry Beer will be donated to the Jerry Day / SF Parks Alliance.

Port Wine Cheese Board

surfing on port wine

port wine cheese

Get Caffeinated And Build A Wood Surfboard; Two Kickstarters We Want To See Backed

I’ve drank DRIP’D coffee and surfed Grain surfboards, so I can vouch for both of these products. The world would most likely be a better place with more of each in it. Here are a couple cool businesses to get behind…

DRIP’D Coffee Lab | San Francisco, Calif.

drip_d coffee kstr

Purveyors of finde coffee drinks, DRIP’D Coffee, says:

“In a city that hosts many exceptional coffee experiences, we think there’s more to bring coffee lovers and/or anyone seeking the highest-quality ingredients. So with DRIP’D, we’re offering the best local coffee courtesy of Sightglass Coffee, local organic whole milk and even certified raw milk in the future. We’re already working out the details to work with a local bean-to-bar chocolate company, as well as deliver some amazing local treats.”


Grain Surfboards | York, Maine

grain kstr

Purveyors of fine wood surfbaords, Grain Surfboards, says:

“So our plan is this: with your help, we’ll get a truck we can sleep in, and a utility trailer large enough to fit piles of tools, shaping stands, and gear, and we’ll hit the road out west. Your funding assistance will also help outfit this rig – for instance, we’ll need some mobile shop-tools, and other stuff classes require. If things work out, we’ll set this up to burn alternative fuels as well.”


Help Keep Bacon Bacon In Frederick Knob

Some people want to shut down Bacon Bacon, but now there’s a petition to show how many people love Bacon Bacon and want it around. Take a moment to support small local business and sign the petition to keep Bacon Bacon right where it is (which technically is Frederick Knob, but that’s not totally important).

save bacon

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