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Jaws Themed Surf Van

jaws vw surf van

Ocean Beach, SF, CA, is a fun, let’s say, place to surf. It’s also a great place to see all sorts of weird things. After a pretty lackluster but expected start to summer surf conditions here in northern California I scored some fun waves on a Sunday before the 4th of July weekend. While I was driving home I passed this Volks surf van as the owner was getting out to pick up a coffee across the street. Doubt I’m the first person to photograph this guy’s Jaws inspired artwork of a vehicle, but if you look closely I capture the owner’s dog in the back left window and it looks like the little guy is about to become shark food!

I Stenciled My Dog Olive On My Surfboard


Olive is my dog, and she’s coming out with me whenever the waves are small and fast. I guess I have a bit of time on my hands, and making stencils is a favorite way of mine to fill up that time. I don’t yet have the guts to put one of my stencils in a public area where I might get busted for vandalism, so I tend to stick with placing them on my surfboards. Olive is on my Sperm Whale from Channel Islands, and she might see some action at Ocean Beach mañana given the current forecast.

A Really Cool Cooler


Surfer and citizen of the world, Chris Del Moro, is pretty handy when it comes to breathing life into would-be trashed coolers. Without having to purchase more plastic products, Del Moro took this old lidless cooler and made it better than before with a well-fashioned wooden cutting board top and sealed in the coolness with a used yoga mat. Check out his Instagram account if you want to say, “What am I doing with my life?”



Penguin Of San Francisco


Don’t know if the penguin is still up (or why anyone would take it down), but I took this picture by the stairs leading up to Clayton street off the N train stop at Carl and Cole. This is a fairly popular skate spot for jumping the stairs and catching a bit of this ledge too. Would make for a real cool shot if you had someone doing an ollie over the stairs with the penguin below.

Zoomed in it says, “In memory of Arnold. Made by finch”.

Tyler Warren Print


I discovered professional surfer/ artist Tyler Warren while checking out the Captain Fin Co. blog. They were featuring a surfboard he shaped, and it turns out he’s not only a great surfer and surfboard shaper, but also a pretty darn good artist. Most of his work is surf or beach themed. I ordered one of his prints and it came numbered and signed by Tyler. It’s actually the first print I’ve ever ordered, and I was totally impressed with the quality. It even came with a personal thank you note written out on masking tape!

You can check out more of his art at Art By Tyler Warren.

Delayed gratification in Santa Barbara, California

santa barbara beach

On a Saturday in July I drove down to Santa Barbara with my wife. She was attending a wedding shower and I was along for the ride. We had one packed bag for an overnight stay with friends, a 5-foot surfboard, wetsuit, and a handplane. We stopped at a lovely little Mexican bakery on the way down CA-101 and loaded up on sugary bread and watered down coffee. Our car pulled in to Santa Barbara early in the afternoon. We met up with friends, bought a disposable camera and made some memories.

There is something nice about the quality of photos developed from a disposable. They achieve the filters we desire so much on our digital photos just by doing nothing. But most importantly they provide us with the highly unusual feeling of delayed gratification as we wait to see if the photo was in deed a good one or if we had placed our finger over the lens while shooting (although I’ll argue that the finger in front of the lens produce more raw of a photo..)

Anyway, here are some moments captured with a disposable in Santa Barbara, California:


wetsuit drying

girls and wine

muni wine

ciji and doug

girls planning

ca 101

Cypress Tree Silhouette In Beer Foam

Relaxing with a beer. Trying to see the foam for the trees.

beer foam cypress trees
Cypress Trees, Sutro Baths, San Franciscophoto by Sharon Mollerus via flickr

DIY Canvas Drop Cloth Surfboard Bag

There are a couple different types of surfboard bags. There are expensive cushiony ones that are used for expensive surf trips where you carefully pack your board for abuse by airport baggage handlers. And there are surfboard socks – stretchy bags that hug your board for the purpose of keeping wax, water and sand off your car when you stuff it over the back seat.

Since I’ve been riding my bicycle to surf for the past year I didn’t really have a need for either type of bag. But now that my my wife and I own a car, it’s become a necessity.

You see, a surfer’s car can be a messy car. Wax finds its way onto most everything and eventually that new car smell will give way to wet neoprene (pee smell). The tradeoff is nice, though. When Ocean Beach is too wild and blown out, I can zip down CA-1 to a mellow spot in Half Moon Bay. But I still don’t want the car to get all wet and waxy on the inside, so I made my own surfboard bag from a canvas drop cloth that you can buy from a hardware store for $25.

Anyhow, that was a long intro to show you a few pics of the board bag. Here it is in all its step-by-step glory. I traced, cut, pinned, and painted it. Ciji sewed it (90% of the work). It’s useful AND it looks like a shark. Win win.

board bag trace

board bag cut

board bag pinned

board bag sewn

board bag painted

Bernal Ballon

bernal 011

Made with love, on a sunny day at Holly Park, San Francisco, California.

Port Wine Cheese Board

surfing on port wine

port wine cheese

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