Sandspit says “no”

I’ve been living in Santa Barbara for a little over one year now, and while Sandspit has broke in that time I’ve never seen it live. Got my chance to change that yesterday, as the usually calm Santa Barbara Harbor came to life.

It’s awesome.

When it breaks everyone comes to sleepy Santa Barbara to give it a shot. You’ll see bros from Orange County up here riding their Lost Surfboards. I heard from a buddy in Santa Cruz that every surfer there was planning a trip to SB this weekend. It’s a trip.

There were way too many people out for me to find any joy in surfing this day, but watching from the breakwater is a fabulous alternative to the lineup.

You have to give it to anyone out there on a day like yesterday. Even this guy, who took was Sandspit gave and received what Sandspit gives. Hell of a wipeout, but he make the crowd cheer.


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