The December Ski Report For New York Is Super Duper Sad

It’s December 24th and temps on Long Island are supposed to reach 72 degrees. Sure, you could count the number of white Christmases in New York on one hand, but this weather is bizarre with a capital B. Just check out the mountain cams for these two favorite Ice Tubes ski places in the Catskills.

Windham Mountain where there are apparently three trails open! C’mon man.



And then there’s Plattekill Mountain who’s not trying to fool anyone into coming.



These conditions were sorta predicted for the northeast thanks to the famous El Niño weather pattern, but for the sake of these great little NY mountains and the people who work and ski them we hope it gets colder and things start to happen soon.

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  1. Yo wassup? Randomly ran into the site googling myself to see if I could show somebody a surf pic of me. Not gonna lie, I’m not 100% who’s blog this is… I think I may have finally figured it out after thee post of you friend “george” pulling into the hollow surf rather than trestles… Haha perfect. Chris right? I’m sure if I delve further into the blog I can figure it out but anyway, was cool that my pics came up after a search and hope you had a great new year! See Ya out there! Warbo



    1. Hey Scott. This is Doug Madey. I keep this blog going with Chris Madey. It’s been a long time since the Albatross days! Chris is blogging from NY and I’m out in CA. What’s been going on with you? Adding @chrismadey here so he can chime in too. Great hearing from you!




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