Thankful For Waves. The Cold Not So Much

Today my brother sent me a text saying it was 70 degrees outside and that he’d just surfed head high waves. My brother may have recently moved to Santa Barbara, but I’ll continue to surf the cold waters of New York. Not only did he miss out on our mother’s Thanksgiving meal by living in California, but he also missed some good surf in New York this past holiday weekend.


It’s only the start of the cold weather here, and clearly I’m not looking forward to receiving more messages about how warm and sunny it is in California.

These photos were taken at Democrat Point during the 2015 Thanksgiving weekend.

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  1. Love it. While I enjoy a nice warm surf, I actually think I prefer the winter waves. Thanks for sharing.



  2. Hey Darcy, cold waves are fun, they make it more of an adventure for me. It’s the hoods, boots, and gloves that I dont always enjoy




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