Waves and Winter for Days

It’s officially Spring but the phrase I’m hearing most these days is “I’m over being cold.”

The north east had it bad, snow and cold has beaten everyone down, but I was reminded that the name of this blog is Ice Tubes so as long as the waves and the cold keep coming I will keep dealing with freezing headaches.

There were waves for the passed three days. Forget that it snowed all day Saturday, and forget that your wetsuit is never fully dry, just focus on the fact that their are waves now but soon it will be flat and you will wish these three days were back.

image arch waves2

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One Comment

  1. Moda: Dimi, keske her zaman bf6yle olsam! 🙂 Fotograflarda belli olmasi icin baya yogun maykaj gerekiyo bence, o da gfcndelik kullanmak icin biraz zor. Bir de bf6yle sfcper kamerayla ve biraz renklerle oynandigi zaman gfczel seyler ortayacikabiliyormus. Keske size hep bf6yle fotograflar sunabilsem.. :)@ Deniz: Sagol canim, aynen dedigin gibi bf6yle bi sonuc elde etmek icin bi cok seye dikkat etmek gerekiyo. Begendigine sevindim!!<3 Neslihan




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