90’s Ice Cream Bars and Popsicles

Editor’s note: This post was thought up and written by my wife Ciji. She’s awesome.

I was reminiscing with a friend the other day about all the awful food we consumed while growing up during the 90’s. Captain Crunch for breakfast, Chef Boyardee (was he really a chef?) for lunch and an ice cream bar or popsicle to satisfy the afternoon snack attack. This walk down junk food memory lane got me thinking about my most favorite ice cream bars and popsicles from the 90’s.

Here are my top 10 ten:

10. Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar


9. Jello Pudding Pops


8. WWF Ice Cream Bar


7. Orange Creamsicle


6. Fire Cracker


5. Otter Pops


4. Ninja Turtles (with gum) Ice Cream Bar


3. Big Stick

Big Stick

2. Baseball Glove (with gum) Ice Cream Bar

baseball glove

1. Push Up


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