A Surf Photographer Passing Through San Francisco

Ryan Struck is a surf photographer based in New Jersey. I’m not exactly sure when I was first introduced to his work, but having grown up surfing in New York I dug the fact that his photography tends to put a spotlight on east coast surfing. Although his shots of the water are my favorite, his portfolio is much more than just surfing. Struck was recently out on the west coast and spent some time in San Francisco. Luckily for us, he had his camera with him.

Below are just a few of the photos from his visit to San Francisco. You can see the entire shoot on his blog or check out his full portfolio of work over at Ryan Struck Photography.

long boarder black and white[Photo: Ryan Struck]

seagull san francisco[Photo: Ryan Struck]

guy running for muni buss[Photo: Ryan Struck]

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