Delayed gratification in Santa Barbara, California

santa barbara beach

On a Saturday in July I drove down to Santa Barbara with my wife. She was attending a wedding shower and I was along for the ride. We had one packed bag for an overnight stay with friends, a 5-foot surfboard, wetsuit, and a handplane. We stopped at a lovely little Mexican bakery on the way down CA-101 and loaded up on sugary bread and watered down coffee. Our car pulled in to Santa Barbara early in the afternoon. We met up with friends, bought a disposable camera and made some memories.

There is something nice about the quality of photos developed from a disposable. They achieve the filters we desire so much on our digital photos just by doing nothing. But most importantly they provide us with the highly unusual feeling of delayed gratification as we wait to see if the photo was in deed a good one or if we had placed our finger over the lens while shooting (although I’ll argue that the finger in front of the lens produce more raw of a photo..)

Anyway, here are some moments captured with a disposable in Santa Barbara, California:


wetsuit drying

girls and wine

muni wine

ciji and doug

girls planning

ca 101

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