Silvio, a very stoked Italian surfer

Every once in a while I post something on the Ice Tubes facebook page. I’m not the biggest facebook-er, so maybe 1-in-5 posts that we publish here make it to that page. Despite the frequency of “promoting” we’ll do on facebook, we recently got a nice message from a surfer in Italy – yes, the country surrounded by a sea and not an ocean – who was a fan of the stuff we post on this blog of ours. His name is Silvio and his home break is on the north east coast of Italy.

silvio wooden board

I sort of relate to Silvio in a way. I grew up surfing on the east coast of the United States. In New York, on Long Island. It’s not know for its waves, but heck it’s an island man, and waves break pretty well on one side of that island. So Silvio, like us New York surfers, knows the importance of short chunky boards for small waves. He made this hollow wooden board, which he’s calling Bonsai, in the shape of a mini-simmons and puts it to use on the coast of Italy.

You can see more pics of Silvio’s board and other aspects of surfing in Italy on his blog.

And if you’re curious what the surf spots in Italy are, like I was, here’s a crumby map 🙂

italy surf spot map

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