DIY Canvas Drop Cloth Surfboard Bag

There are a couple different types of surfboard bags. There are expensive cushiony ones that are used for expensive surf trips where you carefully pack your board for abuse by airport baggage handlers. And there are surfboard socks – stretchy bags that hug your board for the purpose of keeping wax, water and sand off your car when you stuff it over the back seat.

Since I’ve been riding my bicycle to surf for the past year I didn’t really have a need for either type of bag. But now that my my wife and I own a car, it’s become a necessity.

You see, a surfer’s car can be a messy car. Wax finds its way onto most everything and eventually that new car smell will give way to wet neoprene (pee smell). The tradeoff is nice, though. When Ocean Beach is too wild and blown out, I can zip down CA-1 to a mellow spot in Half Moon Bay. But I still don’t want the car to get all wet and waxy on the inside, so I made my own surfboard bag from a canvas drop cloth that you can buy from a hardware store for $25.

Anyhow, that was a long intro to show you a few pics of the board bag. Here it is in all its step-by-step glory. I traced, cut, pinned, and painted it. Ciji sewed it (90% of the work). It’s useful AND it looks like a shark. Win win.

board bag trace

board bag cut

board bag pinned

board bag sewn

board bag painted

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One Comment

  1. It seems good, where can i buy this bag,




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