Spot Check: Fort Point


Can a photo make a surf spot look better then it really is?

Ever since my brother moved to San Francisco I’ve wanted to surf Fort Point. With the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop, every picture looks unreal to me. You’ve got a wave that breaks in the bay, essentially, and hoards of tourists gathering around along the parking lot and above you on the bridge looking down. It makes me wish that Fort Point would break during every trip I made out west…

Doug has surfed Fort Point and tells me it’s not really worth it. It can be a pain to get out, when it’s good it’s crowded (duh), and the crowd isn’t necessarily all that friendly. He also says it only really breaks when there’s a huge swell pounding the coast.

I’ve seen it break once, and it was waste high with what looked like one of the easiest paddle outs. The photos and the spot both seem good and worth it to me.

june707 018

june707 014

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