Get Caffeinated And Build A Wood Surfboard; Two Kickstarters We Want To See Backed

I’ve drank DRIP’D coffee and surfed Grain surfboards, so I can vouch for both of these products. The world would most likely be a better place with more of each in it. Here are a couple cool businesses to get behind…

DRIP’D Coffee Lab | San Francisco, Calif.

drip_d coffee kstr

Purveyors of finde coffee drinks, DRIP’D Coffee, says:

“In a city that hosts many exceptional coffee experiences, we think there’s more to bring coffee lovers and/or anyone seeking the highest-quality ingredients. So with DRIP’D, we’re offering the best local coffee courtesy of Sightglass Coffee, local organic whole milk and even certified raw milk in the future. We’re already working out the details to work with a local bean-to-bar chocolate company, as well as deliver some amazing local treats.”


Grain Surfboards | York, Maine

grain kstr

Purveyors of fine wood surfbaords, Grain Surfboards, says:

“So our plan is this: with your help, we’ll get a truck we can sleep in, and a utility trailer large enough to fit piles of tools, shaping stands, and gear, and we’ll hit the road out west. Your funding assistance will also help outfit this rig – for instance, we’ll need some mobile shop-tools, and other stuff classes require. If things work out, we’ll set this up to burn alternative fuels as well.”


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