Quick Hack For Plugging Pesky Sized Handlebars

I’ve been using SOMA handlebars for years, and my use of them has lasted the span of two different bicycles. They are great bars that come in comfortable shapes and narrow sizes that I prefer for city riding, but their circumference can be funky. The last bars I owned had a small circumference that wouldn’t fit any standard handlebar plug, which left me with an open metal circle just waiting for the right time to empale. My current handlebars (pictured below) are way too wide, and can’t be plugged up with just any standard bartape plug.

I use Grip Rings in lieu of handlebar tape, which if bought in a pack come with handy little end plugs that can be made wider with the turn of an allen key to snuggly fit most handlebars. Unfortunately, some handlebars, including my current SOMAs, are still too wide.

In the case you find yourself scratching your head because the circumference of your handlebars are “unconventionally” sized too large, here’s a quick hack for making your plugs fit and creating a safer bike to ride.

Step 1: Admit you have a problem…
grip empty

Step 2: Cut up a small piece of gasket rubber to fit inside of your handlebars.

Step 3: Measure your cropped gasket rubber to make sure it’s a proper fit (no overlapping).
grip gasket out

Step 4: Insert the gasket rubber in the handlebars, making sure it’s flush with the end of the bars.
grip gasket in

Step 5: Plug ’em up! If you have Grip Rings, this will allow you to tighten to fit. If it’s still wide, add another piece of gasket rubber.
grip final

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