Bacon Bacon Now Serving Bacon 7 Days A Week In Frederick Knob

bacon bacon[photo of the now deceased, but soon to be resurrected, Bacon Bacon truck]

Bacon Bacon, the deliciously fattening bacon slanging food truck, opened a permanent kitchen in Frederick Knob a year ago. Starting tomorrow, Sunday, January 6th, the Bacon Bacon kitchen will be open seven days a week! This unofficially makes Frederick Knob the baconiest neighborhood in San Francisco.

Since I can hit the Bacon Bacon kitchen with a baseball from my apartment, I’ve eaten a good amount of bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, and as a result have also gotten in to running long distances in order to make myself feel better. So it’s been a win win situation, and we look forward to having the doors of Bacon Bacon open in Frederick Knob everyday.

The Bacon Bacon Kitchen is open:
Monday-Friday: 7:30am-3pm
Saturday: 8am-3pm
Sunday: 8am-2pm

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One Comment

  1. i don’t know about SF, but in Austin the food carts try to sell at restaurant prices. I’m not so sure I trust the cleanliness of Johnny’s truck enough to throw down that kind of cash.




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