Defunct American Cars Make Dope Surfmobiles

crosley surfmobile

This colorful little beauty is a Crosley, a fuel-efficient American car manufactured in the 1940s and early 1950s, and it was way ahead of its time.

Back in 1941 a gallon of gas cost $0.19, and the Crosley could get 50 miles per gallon. That type of MPG would get you on a surf trip from San Francisco to Santa Barbara for a cool $1.25 (roughly).

The small size of the Crosley makes it tough to fit boards in the back, but the roof is easily accessible and with boards strapped to the top you can fit more buddies inside the car. With four friends going on the Santa Barbara surf tip you’d be able to make the voyage for less than $0.35 a person.

While the perfect surfmobile is and always will be a bicycle, the Crosley is a close second.

My dad saw this Crosley and sweet kayak in a grocery store parking lot on Long Island.

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