A New Board and Waste High Shorebreak

I’ve wanted a Mini Simmons style board for a longtime. In fact, I ordered a custom shape way back in January and in timely fashion….I got it on October 1st.

This past Wednesday (10/3) on Long Island was waste high with supper foggy conditions, but I figured I had waited long enough to get this little 5’3″ boogie board looking thing that I’d take it out for a try. Here are some shots from that session.

My review: the board worked great in less-than-epic surf. It’s fast and made small Long Island shorebreak worth the effort of going to the beach. Life’s too short to not mix up the boards in your quiver, and these funky shapes are starting to stick with me.

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One Comment

  1. interesting shape… and I’ve never surfed in fog, lol… nice!




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