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Guacamole Face

Made this while making some guacamole.

Magical California

California is a magical state, and you can buy stuff like this at car washes.

Lady Liberty Sunset

(photo via Heather Madey)

The Statue of Liberty, as seen from the NYC commuter ferry, heading from DUMBO to Williamsburg. Waterways are lovely.

Art Rocks!

The city was foggy so we went to Sausalito in search of sun. It’s not really far enough outside of San Francisco to break through the fog, but there is a great burger place, so off we went.

This guy was making rock sculptures along the water, giving all the tourists and serotonine depleted locals quite the show.

The burgers were good too.

Frederick Street

Frederick Street runs about 10 blocks, stretching through the heart of Frederick Knob. From Buena Vista Park, she’s a real buena vista.


My parents are bee people. They have two honeybee hives, with a combined population of 100,000 bees.

They sent photos of their first batch of honey from the hives. This is ONE hives worth of honey!

The bees eat wildflowers, including clover, old apple trees and lots of goldenrod. Here’s their first batch bottled up in 4 oz and 8 oz Ball jars. I’m looking forward to putting some of this in my morning hot water and lemon.

Stop-Action Surf Movie

Makes me want to go play with LEGOs!

Neat film by Karim Rajeb, via Daily Surf Videos.

Dan Malloy Gets It

[via Patagonia’s tumblr]

Dan Malloy is a “surf ambassador” for Patagonia. He’s been on the Slow is Fast tour which recently brought Dan and his travel companions through San Francisco. Here’s what the tour is about:

So, three weeks ago, Kanoa ZimmermanKellen Keene and myself jumped on a train headed north, with bicycles, a surfboard, wet suites, flippers, a microphone and a couple cameras. The idea was to surf down the coast by bike, staying with friends, family and acquaintances, poaching camps when we have to, doing our best to earn our keep and to learn from folks that are doing good work and getting by along the california coast.

Only reason to bike up to the top of Bernal with a board is for the photo, and I think it may have been worth it. Looks like it was a nice evening. Dan gets it.

A New Board and Waste High Shorebreak

I’ve wanted a Mini Simmons style board for a longtime. In fact, I ordered a custom shape way back in January and in timely fashion….I got it on October 1st.

This past Wednesday (10/3) on Long Island was waste high with supper foggy conditions, but I figured I had waited long enough to get this little 5’3″ boogie board looking thing that I’d take it out for a try. Here are some shots from that session.

My review: the board worked great in less-than-epic surf. It’s fast and made small Long Island shorebreak worth the effort of going to the beach. Life’s too short to not mix up the boards in your quiver, and these funky shapes are starting to stick with me.

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