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Fall Is In The AIR

Fall has been real good to Long Island with solid fun surf on a weekly basis. Here are some shots taken of fellow Long Island surfer, Scott Warburton, killing it out at East Gilgo. Photos taken on 9/19/12.

Keep an eye on the wind tomorrow morning, if it goes north it could be fun.

Frisbee Pros

Two stoned guys having the best worst frisbee catch.

Music by Helado Negro.


Fall Skies

That’s it people. Summer is over. It’s not a bad thing. September may just be the nicest time to be a surfer on Long Island. The air and water are about the same temp. The crowds are starting to fade, and waves have seem to take their place.

This past Wednesday I took full advantage of the end of Summer. I surfed head high clean waves until dark. And who doesn’t enjoy a yellow Fall sky.

New York Barrels

As I surfed crumbly wind swell in California, Bill over at An Unridden Season posted this beautiful looking canvas of a wave peeling 3k miles away.

September is a unique month for surfing in New York. The water temp is 70 degrees. The air temp is 70 degrees. The water is a lovely shade of green. The waves are pumping from the energy of an offshore storm. And all the tough guys have deserted the beaches until next summer.

Watch A Surf Film During Lunch Today

Dear Suburbia, the latest film from Kai Neville, is streaming online today starting at noon PT on

They’ll be looping the film until midnight PT, so there’s plenty of time to catch it throughout the day, but it would be a nice way to spend a lunch hour.

Pant Planters

Urban farming at its finest.

Also, most likely a defining moment in your roommate relationship.

Steve’s been a cool guy to live with. He’s got a PlayStation 3 and better than decent DVD collection, but now he’s trying to grow tomatoes in old jeans on your front steps.

But it’s not a renters market, so you’re cool with it and who knows maybe Steve’s new project ends up on a blog or something.


So Many Bicycle Commuters

Look at all these healthy, earth conscious mofos riding home during rush hour yesterday.

Bike lanes busting at the seams. So many of us bicycle commuters.

We’re almost at the point of having to wait multiple lights at intersections with this sort of volume (not really, we burn reds).

If Kelly Says It’s Good

According to Kelly Slater’s Instagram, tropical storm Leslie is going to bring waves to the East Coast. We should start seeing swell from the storm by Thursday, and with any luck the winds will go offshore.

We’ll keep you posted as waves start coming through.

Interstate 5


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