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Epic Bike Journey Guy

This guy was in front of me on my way to work this morning. I was riding my bike to sit in a cube for 8 hours, he was finishing the leg of a journey that started Vancouver.

I didn’t ask his name, but found out he was just a few blocks from his next stopping point. He was headed to the Caltrain station where a ride would be waiting to take him to Burning Man.

He had a British accent and told me that he’d been in North America for a couple months riding his bike up and down both coasts and into Canada. His bike carried everything he needed to live, which included a tent, clothing and plastic water bottles that looked in need of refills.

I wished him a safe journey and a good time at Burning Man. He told me to enjoy my ride and have a good day.

Hurricane Preparedness

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, my sister gets ready for Isaac. Good luck!


My father is now a collector of Native American artifacts. Pictured here; a woven basket from the 1800s, a rug, and a war club missing its headstone. Beautiful pieces, and not a bad little photo either. Somewhere in the catskills of upstate New York.

Creep On Ashbury

CREEP is to Ashbury Street, as Goldbug is to Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I recorded some suburban summer soundz to accompany the pics, so for the full experience, turn your volume up and press play as you scroll on down.

Cartas de Amor

My friend Brad, of Meow Mix fame, saw this napkin with a note scribbled in Spanish on it. Turns out it’s a love letter, of sorts, and roughly translates to, “My love you are a drunk with no shame. I want you to give me an apology for the way you are.” Powerful stuff. Imagine what other literary gems are out there waiting to be discovered, moistly stuck to the streets of SOMA…

Ice Tubes Gets Landlocked

I’m done with the ocean. I’m over the mountains. I’m ready for midwest living. Give me the wide open spaces, the corn fields and the college football.

Well, I’m not moving anywhere just yet, but I have always wondered if I could handle life in middle America. Could I flip my life completely around and switch from what I’ve become accustomed to? Could I give up living on an island…

This past weekend I was in Fremont, Nebraska, about 40 minutes from Omaha. I got a close look at what life would be like if I were landlocked. For one weekend it felt good. I’ve been to cities where the downtown area is empty. Where no one actually lives, but commutes there just for work. Omaha might be a small city, but it is far from being a lost city.

The Old Market neighborhood is small, but it was full of life and had a fun youthful feel, with shops, bars, and restaurants. They recently built a ballpark northwest of Old Market that is home to the college word series. I’m told it’s were they hold most of the summer concerts as well. My point is, Omaha is small but not dead.

The real question is, can a University of Nebraska football season replace the Atlantic ocean? Would it be a well-rounded life? A life with new challenges, finding new ways to spend time, or are some things simply not worth trying to live without?

If you want, you can stand in two states at one time.

Box Turtle Stencil

Been sketching this for months now, so I decided to make a stencil. Thinking about throwing it on one of my boards or a piece of sidewalk.


Ciji working with charcoal. She didn’t have a title so I called it “leggies.”

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