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Saturday Morning

You can always sleep with your window open in San Francisco. When it’s a little warm outside, you almost have to. We’ve been back from our trip since Monday (early Tuesday morning, actually) and are nowhere near unpacked. Today would be a good day to do it. It’s so foggy outside it’s practically raining.

Skateboard Deck Handplane

My fellow Long Island surfer, Cari Beckerman, turned an old skateboard deck she had into a brand new handplane. Since we’re huge fans of repurposing old things — see the Tombstone — I was pumped to find out that Cari had come up with a way to breath new life into her dying skateboard. It’s made me think about the old things I’ve got laying around that coud be turned into handplanes…

I’ve been noticing how bodysurfing is making a comeback, heck Keith Malloy recently made a movie about the sport called Come Hell or High Water. Check out the photos of Cari’s awesome skateboard deck handplane.


I just came back from the south of France, and spent a few days in Monaco. It’s a beautiful place, situated right along the Mediterranean Sea, but very much so against extreme sports. Thinking of getting radical? Think again.

Cloudbreak Animation

Stitched these shots of Ramon Navarro surfing Cloudbreak, taken by Malia Johnson Photography. Took the photos off Magicseaweed‘s facebook page.

Craft Beer In Artsy Cans Make Perfect Road Sodas

Brew Free! Or Die IPA from 21st Amendment. Just because it’s local, you might get popped for this one on the streets of San Francisco. However, I still feel like that would be highly unlikely.

Hop Ottin’ IPA from Anderson Valley Brewing Company. It’s grape soda for all anyone else knows.

Additional pluses: Friendly to the environment (light weight, easier to recycle). Better tasting beer (light can’t get in). Beer koozies.

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