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Bike Parking

We are a civilized bunch of bike parkers in FKnob, where motor and pedal coexist.

Oakland’s Grand Lake Theater Memorial Day Marquee

Happy Memorial Day from the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, Califronia. Photo by jmr1944.

The Great Wave On The Side Of Your Car

The Great Wave, the famous Japanese woodblock print by Hokusai.

Some dude’s car in San Francisco. Per our usual, nautical anything is always cool.

I’ll also send a size medium Haight the Marina shirt to the first person who correctly identifies the neighborhood where I saw this car.

Solar Eclipse Timelapse with Bear In Heaven

I leaned a Fipcam against my windowsill during a portion of the solar eclipse today. The clouds are trippy, the sun doesn’t change much, but you can get a tiny sense of the eclipse from the crescent shaped shadow that forms in the middle of the frame. You can see it quite well when the tree moves in and out of the center.


There are no waves in CA right now, but at least you need sunglasses.

The Tubes Visits New Orleans And Leaves Its Mark At Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

If you find yourself walking along Bourbon Street in New Orleans, may we suggest stopping in Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar. The whole Ice Tubes family passed through the bar this past weekend and left a reminder of our visit with a Sharpie.

Once owned by the “famous” pirate, Jean Lafitte, the bar is said to have been built in 1722 and may be the oldest structure used as a bar in the United States. Be that true or not, it’s worth a stop inside for an Abita and to also write “rules” or “sucks” below Ice Tubes on the table. Whatever you decide to write, we’d love to see a pic of it.

Don’t Touch My F#@king Yoga Mat, Namaste

My sister puts up with some tough characters at her yoga class.

Saturday morning yoga class is very popular at the New York Sports Club in Queens. But one woman has taken reserving a spot to the extreme!

One Of The Greatest Bike Songs Ever Written

Seeing as how today is Bike To Work Day in San Francisco, it seems appropriate to share one of the all time greatest songs ever written about bicycles. Below is “Helter Smelter” by Fifteen, presented with lyrics so you can sing along.

I just drive my car to work every day, didn’t mean to hurt nobody
Like 100 million other people just like me
I could tell there wasn’t any other way
I just couldn’t realize but now I think I’ll throw it away
’cause there’s 7 billion other people just like me
I was thinking about blowin’ up all the automobiles
It seemed like such a good idea
You said hey man wouldn’t that be hypocritical
No way man ’cause mines’ the first to go
Do it, Now, Stick the rag in, Light the fucker up
I was thinking about melting down all the cars in the whole world
Making brand new mountain bikes for all the boys and girls
You said hey man wouldn’t that be helter skelter
No way man all we need is a giant smelter
Send it to Peoples Park, Berkeley CA, 94704
Ride a fucking bike
I just lit my car on fire today I didn’t mean to hurt nobody
Just like 100 million other people just like me, I could tell
There wasn’t any other way
I finally realized and now it’s going up in flames
’cause there’s 7 billion other people just like me
Having fun, since I was six, We’re only bike terrorists
Five thirty, second Friday, Berkeley BART

Full disclosure, my fiancé and I are in the market to buy a car this summer. We’re thinking about a VW Golf.

Did You Go To Dolores Park This Weekend?


Blurry Supermoon Over Frederick Knob

FKnob was a lot brighter last night thanks to perigee-syzygy.

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