Should A Parking Permit Determine Where You Surf?

Where do you surf these days? Most of the time I choose the beach closest to my home. It’s a good wave and I have the spot really dialed in. I know where and when you can park. I know if it’s cold I’m not too far from my car. I know when it’s going to hold a swell right.

All these comforts considered, shouldn’t you switch up your surf spots? I tried today.

I thought about Democrat Point, but had no luck as the road is closed for the winter. My friend told me Robert Moses field 3 has been breaking, but I couldn’t tell you if that was true because the parking lot is closed. So, I headed east. I checked Smith Point, a spot where I could finally park, but of course there wasn’t a wave. I drove further east and found myself in Westhampton. The parking lot was open, but there was a sign noting the requirement of a parking permit. Well, the waves were just too inviting to leave, so I ignored the sign and parked without a permit.

I understand that not all beaches can be free, but should they be closed? Should you have to live in the town to use there parking lots? I didn’t get a ticket in Westhampton, but I did pass more then one cop car, which put the thought into my head that I would.

So were do you go? I’m just trying to surf. I’m not worried about lifeguards on duty. I’m not there to litter or walk on the dunes. I really just want to be able to park my car safely without getting a ticket.

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  1. Interesting discussion point here. Love Demo but winter is near impossible, and Smith’s is just the worst. In the winter, I think there should be much more relaxed parking rules in general on the island, including the Hamptons and Montauk. I’ve been watching this site for a long time here, (, and the sand looks better than it ever has. Wonder what parking is like down there too.



    1. Looks like you guys got waves again today. Where are those Minardi training photos taken? Looks warm too, although I’m sure it isn’t.




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