Walking Across Ocean Parkway To Surf Could Get You In Trouble With The Law

You may want to think twice before walking across Ocean Parkway at Gilgo Beach to check the surf. I was walking across the parkway today and got stopped by a state trooper who informed me that it’s illegal to cross Ocean Parkway – or any New York State parkway – on foot.

While I can see other parkways being too dangerous to cross on foot and a law against doing so making sense, the area of road along Ocean Parkway by Gilgo Beach is crossed by surfers and beach goers on a daily basis.

Crossing Ocean Parkway on foot is especially popular among surfers during the winter months when the State Park locks the gates to the underpass linking the Gilgo Beach parking lot to the beach. If you’re going out for a surf in winter walking across Ocean Parkway is your only option.

I think that state troopers should try and stop more speeding drivers and leave the surfers, who are just trying to enjoy a few winter waves, alone.

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  1. This is insanity, I tell you. I have to think that recent events, and by that I mean hoards of bodies showing up scattered around the area, may be a factor here. Which, clearly were the result of guys clad in rubber and peeing on themselves in freezing water were responsible for.




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