Frederick Knob, A Neighborhood In San Francisco?

San Francisco has no shortage of micro neighborhoods, small sections of the city designated by just a couple blocks (cough, cough…NOPA), but I think we may have stumbled upon a new hood! Frederick Knob.

While searching for directions on Google this morning I noticed that the location of Ice Tubes HQ west on the map was covered by the newly added Frederick Knob.

Frederick Knob is real, seriously. It even has a Wikipedia entry.

 [via Wikipedia]

Needless to say we’re super excited about the possibility of starting San Francisco’s newest hyperlocal neighborhood blog, bringing you breaking news and insights from one square block of the city.

Just today I found this bar of surf wax on the sidewalk in Frederick Knob. How did it get there?! Crazy.

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  1. I saw that piece of wax as well… It was Located quite close to the “magic corner”. As long as I have lived at Frederick and Delmar, people put stuff they don’t want anymore on the corner and sure enough a few days later it is gone…hence the magic part. I did score a nice plant there once…. So the Frederick Knob has been identified. I like it.



    1. The “magic corner!” Everyone’s always putting stuff on that corner.



  2. […] evidence is stacking up; a nod on Google maps and now a paper model poster… Do I have any choice but to start a hyperlocal Frederick Knob […]



  3. Frederick Knob is not a thing. I grew up here. This moniker is not only ridiculous in that it refers to an approximately 1 square block sequester of what was once just Upper Haight, IT IS NOT A KNOB. SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW THIS IS A KNOB.
    Fuck SF realtors.

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  4. @Annie and anyone else who chooses to keep reading:

    I KNOW how Frederick Knob got its name !

    But it isn’t from SF realtors who just began using the name from a Particular Person who started using it.

    Annie, your comment really did make me laugh out loud because you are totally right about it NOT being a Knob. The Particular Person needs to remain nameless from my end, I’m sorry to say. But I can say this …. this Particular Person LOVES the fact that this has come into (somewhat) common use, and despite being someone of distinguished business acumen, it may possibly be one of the things this Particular Person is most proud of. I mean, really, how can it not make someone laugh when it is only ONE SQUARE BLOCK ?!

    I do frequently tell the story about this moniker being used and how it got its start when topics come up like— how interesting language can be
    labels & their impact or use
    names & social cache ….

    because who doesn’t love a story that can rile someone up like it did with you, or get someone to write a blog about it or you know, to drop a certain someone’s name? One has to talk about something at a good cocktail party, right?

    I now live in Salt Lake City, though I have lived in San Francisco in Laurel Heights & the Fillmore district.
    My ex-husband is a third generation native and we spent gobs of time all over the city together.
    But never in Frederick Knob 🙂




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