Global Warming Is Making Winter Surf Sessions In New York A Ton More Awesome

Winter really hasn’t come to Long Island. There’s been no significant snowfall and the temperature has been reaching the 50s on a weekly basis. I’m not complaining because all this warm weather is making the winter surf very easy.

Man, I don’t even have to immediately warm up my car in the parking lot to make sure it’s warm when I get in to drive home.

The water is still freezing though, so I’m glad that I recently got a Patagonia R4 wetsuit. I was reading a ton of reviews online that were pretty negative, saying the suit’s not worth the money and the seams ripped really easily. But I’ve used it twice so far this winter and it’s worked great. The Patagonia suit is better then any other winter suits I’ve worn. The rubber is nicer, it’s more flexible, and I won’t say it’s warmer but it is definitely keeping me comfortable in the water.

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