There’s Artwork Hanging From The Phones Lines Across Fell Street And Along The Wiggle

I’ve been riding past these funky eyeball looking mobiles hanging from the phones lines along The Wiggle for the past month now, and just recently noticed a heart accompanying the “eyeballs” across Fell Street when you’re about to dump into The Panhandle.

Here’s a zoomed in view:

Props to whoever is making these and getting them up. For one thing, they don’t ever seem to be coming down and have already made it through the biggest storm of the year. Also, Fell Street is pretty much a highway (that desperately needs a separated bike lane) so it must have been late at night or a risky move to have gotten this mobile/art project up on those phone lines.

Put in a separated bike lane, because Fell Street Is For Lovers.

Update: The heart is part of an art project called “Love Aqui,” by Ana Rivero Rossi and Todd Hanson. Mission Local has more background on the now global art project in a story called Challenging an Urban Myth. Really cool stuff.

Thank you Jeremy!

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