Bringing An Old Surfboard Back To Life

My brother’s 10-foot longboard had seen better days, so he decided to recycle it. The new board is about half its original size and shaped liked the trash can it was most likely headed for.

The below photos document the longboard’s resurrection.

This surfboard was shaped to mirror the “soap” design by Mini Simmons.

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  1. Woah. Well done. What did you use for cutting? How much re-fiberglassing did it take? Did you keep the same fin slots? Do horses wear socks?



  2. Hey Bill, I used box cutter to take off the old glass. If you give it try wear gloves the fiberglass does get shape. It comes off pretty easy, the rails are a little difficult.

    The board is only 5′-3″ so we needed about 4 yards total. It’s not cheap. But, I asked around and it would have cost about 300 dollars to have it done.

    You can’t real reuse a fin box, they should be cut in to the fiberglass cloth. We put in FCS rail pugs.




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