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Surfing With Two Boards

Pro surfer Jamie O’Brien catching a wave with one board and riding it with another.

Surfline posted a series of these photos of Jamie O’Brien making this two-board transfer at Pipeline. I turned them into a radical gif! Here’s what Jamie told Surfline about the trick:

The Wave Storm is 8’0″ and thick. It’s like a boat and it paddles better than any board I’ve ever paddled in my life. For the transfer, I use a Bill Johnson little fish funboard. The reason I like it and the reason it came to mind is because I can lie on the nose when I take off.

[gif created with photos by Paul “Gordinho” Cohen]

Global Warming Is Making Winter Surf Sessions In New York A Ton More Awesome

Winter really hasn’t come to Long Island. There’s been no significant snowfall and the temperature has been reaching the 50s on a weekly basis. I’m not complaining because all this warm weather is making the winter surf very easy.

Man, I don’t even have to immediately warm up my car in the parking lot to make sure it’s warm when I get in to drive home.

The water is still freezing though, so I’m glad that I recently got a Patagonia R4 wetsuit. I was reading a ton of reviews online that were pretty negative, saying the suit’s not worth the money and the seams ripped really easily. But I’ve used it twice so far this winter and it’s worked great. The Patagonia suit is better then any other winter suits I’ve worn. The rubber is nicer, it’s more flexible, and I won’t say it’s warmer but it is definitely keeping me comfortable in the water.

There’s Artwork Hanging From The Phones Lines Across Fell Street And Along The Wiggle

I’ve been riding past these funky eyeball looking mobiles hanging from the phones lines along The Wiggle for the past month now, and just recently noticed a heart accompanying the “eyeballs” across Fell Street when you’re about to dump into The Panhandle.

Here’s a zoomed in view:

Props to whoever is making these and getting them up. For one thing, they don’t ever seem to be coming down and have already made it through the biggest storm of the year. Also, Fell Street is pretty much a highway (that desperately needs a separated bike lane) so it must have been late at night or a risky move to have gotten this mobile/art project up on those phone lines.

Put in a separated bike lane, because Fell Street Is For Lovers.

Update: The heart is part of an art project called “Love Aqui,” by Ana Rivero Rossi and Todd Hanson. Mission Local has more background on the now global art project in a story called Challenging an Urban Myth. Really cool stuff.

Thank you Jeremy!

San Franpsycho in NYC

San Franpsycho posted some sweet shots of their stickers holding prime location in New York City. West meets East. Any east coast readers want to try and find these?

[on Instagram via San Franpsycho]

[on Instagram via San Franpsycho]

These reminded me of an Isurus Wetsuits sticker I saw in rainy San Francisco’s Cole Valley neighborhood this past weekend.

San Francisco 49ers

Get ’em next year.

Skateboarding And Football, That’s What San Francisco Does!

“We love skating, but we also love football.” Skates on Haight has their priorities straight. If you need new bearings better get them before tomorrow’s big game.

New York Storms vs San Francisco Storms

Comparing storms on the eve of the NFC Championship game. Which city wins?

New York City got its first snow of 2012 yesterday.

[via Greg Madey on Twitter]

San Francisco got its first significant rain of 2012 yesterday.

Lucky Penny

Blur your eyes a little.

San Francisco, California.

So Much For Sea Captains Going Down With The Ship

nautical current events gif.

San Francisco Bike Commute Weather App

It hasn’t rained in San Francisco in a long time. That’s bad if you’re a skier/snowboarder, but great if you commute to work on a bike everyday.

To a bike commuter (or maybe just myself), a weather forecast with rain in it means one thing – can I ride my bike, or do I have to take MUNI? Here’s how I see this week’s weather forecast in San Francisco.

Here’s a gif overlay of the actual weather. You got to take MUNI on those days, right?

[MUNI image pulled from Uptown Almanac]

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