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Shaping In The New Year


We’re ringing in the New Year with a new board! Hope everyone out there has a safe NYE and a happy wave filled start to 2012.

Under A Blanket Of Snow


A fresh blanket of snow makes everything look pristine, even a cow skull.

Foursquare Tips From Long Islanders

There’s an idea for a Tumblr here that we hope to unveil to you all soon. Until then, here’s a taste…

Lacrosse is to Long Island as football is to Texas.

You’re not really selling anyone on this.

It’s a bar by the train station. You should know better.

Merry Christmas From Wall Street


Buy Mom A Bike For Christmas

Holiday shopping advice from Babylon Bike Shop.

Bike Rides Are Better With Friends

New Structurally Sound Parklet Coming To Upper Haight

A new parklet is currently under construction outside Martin Macks on Haight Street, and from the looks of the brick walls going up around the perimeter it plans be a permanent fixture in the Upper Haight.

Martin Macks tends to attract soccer fans looking to watch 6am Premier League games, but since its renovation the bar has a much more open feel to it with the large front windows facing the street.

However, alfresco in the Upper Haight is a tough sell. If you’re going to enjoy a beer in a parklet located on Haight Street you’ll need to be willing to ward off trustafarians, tourists, and general weirdos.

That’s not to say outside seating in the Upper Haight isn’t catching on. Local establishments such as Magnolia Pub offers outside seating along Haight St., and the much loved Haight Street Market has started to set up a few tables and chairs on the sidewalk as well.

We usually tend to frequent Martin Macks once a year solely for their epic Super Bowl party, but I might entertain the idea of Guinness on the street more often with the addition of this new parklet.

Blood Isn’t A Good Color For Hand Stamps

via cmadey on Twitter

The Contents Of Your Wallet

doug madey | age 27 | san francisco, california

Wouldn’t THE CONTENTS OF YOUR WALLET make for a rad art piece?!

It’s a basic concept; find people and ask them to empty their wallets (presumably without force). Carefully organize and photograph the cards and items kept in each person’s wallet, and attach some background information about that person like name, age and hometown.

We keep some interesting, odd, and unnecessary stuff in those things.

Urban Cyclist Problem: Keys Wearing Out The Back Pocket Of Your Jeans

gratuitous butt shot

Holy back pockets because my keys be rubbin’.

Urban Cyclist Problem(s) is new column we’re working on highlighting the big and not so big problems that urban cyclists have to deal with. In Ice Tubes fashion, we’ll try and keep these light and void of “here’s why cars suck” (although they do) comments.

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