The Official Wetsuit of San Francisco

via @SURFER_Magazine

This custom tie dye wetsuit was rocked hard by pro surfer, Matt “Wilko” Wilkinson, during the Rip Curl Pro in San Francisco. Wilko, who runs a pretty sweet Tumblr called, Out 2 Brunch, has been sporting custom wetsuits at each stop along the ASP World Tour, with each suit’s design matching the local surrounding.

You don’t have to be a fan of surfing to follow what this guy is doing.

Here’s the $100 dollar bill “wettie” Wilko wore in New York for the Quiksilver Pro, which he let everyone know about via his Twitter account (@mattwilko8) saying, “Just borrowed this bedazzled wettie from snooki. U like??”

The next, and final, stop on the ASP World Tour is Hawaii so the tie dye wetsuit from San Francisco will be the last one we see this year.

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One Comment

  1. @MattWilko, since we know there’s no need for wetsuits in Hawaii I hope we get to see some DOPE shorts inspired by the beautiful Islands…




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