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Bike Safety PSA: 10th and Market is Gonna Be Mad Windy Today

If you ride a bike in San Francisco you already know that the intersection of 10th and Market Street (Fox Plaza) is notoriously windy. With the weather forecast for the Bay Area calling for strong winds over the next few days, expect crazy gusts at this intersection and bike with caution.

Bro To End All Bros

I’m all for a solid surf look, ala Donovan Frankenreiter, but this bro on the AirBART went too far. Not sure what I missed that wasn’t captioned, but this bro will probably iterate until we all agree he’s right.

Utilizing Your Resemblance to Jesus Like A Boss

According to most 6th grade religion textbooks, my friend Kelly looks a lot like Jesus. Not wanting to let this wonderful attribute go to waste, while also doing some good for the homeless community, he took to the streets of Tempe, Arizona this Thanksgiving.

Here’s some background from Kelly:

I wanted to do something different this Thanksgiving and hand out meals, and it kind of evolved into me dressing up like Jesus and taking pictures… The funny thing is that everyone asked ‘are you dressed like Jesus?’ but no one asked the important follow-up, ‘WHY are you dressed like Jesus?’

I can’t wait to see what Jesus has in store for Christmas…

Lakers Fans Are Going Crazy Without Basketball

Tough to tell what’s crazier. Is it her “dance like there’s no one watching” attitude, or the giant Los Angeles Lakers sticker she decided to put on the door. Regardless, it’s clear that all basketball fans, especially Lakers fans, need the NBA lockout to end as soon as possible.

Happy Thanksgiving + Rad Turkey Art

It sounds like we’ll be giving thanks to some clean leftover swell tomorrow morning here in New York. Hope everyone has a chance to catch a few holiday waves. If not, enjoy this rad turkey drawing and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Waves Look More Beautiful From Above

Below the surface of the water, the ocean is a serenely beautiful environment. High above the surface of the water, the ocean is a serenely beautiful environment. That may be redundant, but who can argue after watching this “vignette” from Taj Burrow’s three-part series filmed in Fiji.

Granted this video was shot above one of the most beautiful oceans in the world, but even if you filmed off the coast of New Jersey from this arial point of view it would still be pretty darn cool looking.

via GQ on tumblr.

Pop Bottles

Finally, Alcohol That Comes In A Reusable Steel Bottle

If someone in your crew shows up with a bottle of Kru hanging from their belt by a carabineer, you might want to reconsider that person’s level of involvement in the crew.

Seen in a liquor store in Sunnyvale, California.

Bart Simpson Skateboard

The Bart Model Cruzer by Santa Cruz let’s you shred the pavement just like the iconic Bart Simpson has for the past 20 years. They’ve also created a totally radical custom sticker sheet!

Long Island Makes the Cover of SURFING Magazine

So yeah, Kelly Slater definitely played a part in Long Island getting featured on the cover of SURFING Magazine’s January 2012 issue. It’s not like just anyone can throw down monstrous 360 airs.

But let’s also take a moment to recognize the fact that the big beautiful green wave peeling into a perfect launch ramp on the cover of this surf mag broke off the coast of Long Island.

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