A Skatepark Could be Coming to The Upper Haight

The parking lot / learn-how-to-bike area located on Stanyan Street (at Waller Street) in the Upper Haight took a step closer to becoming San Francisco’s next full-blown skatepark.

The potential site for the “Waller Street Skate Plaza” recently had several deliciously grindable benches installed, turning the area into a temporary skaightpark in the Haight.

According to the SF Skateboarding Association,

…the infamous wendy’s benches from markets st  circa 1980′s 90′s ) have been installed as part of the pavement to parks program. over the next few months the rec and park – along with the SFSA and various other neighborhood groups will be acessing how the skatepark and various other groups will be able to co-use the space, eventually there will be a jersey barrier and other seating…. GO GET SOME!

Skateboarders definitely seem to be getting use out of these ledges.

I’m not sure why neighbors in the Haight would be against the Waller Street Skatepark. Aside from the recent Off the Grid events held in this location, it’s an otherwise wasted space.

Let people skate, blast dubstep, and I’ll sit on a tree trunk along the side and make GIFs all day long.

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