Molaro for Illinois Turns Folk Up To Eleven

We’ve been following Mike Molaro since he was a one man act playing coffee shops in San Francisco. Since then he’s been perfecting the sounds of folk ‘n roll with his band, Molaro for Illinois.

The Austin, Texas-based four-piece have recently released their first full-length album, self-titled Molaro for Illinois. It’s 10 solid tracks of folk ‘n roll, full of songs with catchy choruses and lyrics that seem simple enough, but pack a punch.

Below is the first track off the album, titled Brooklyn. It’s one of our favorites.

You can buy a digital copy of the entire album on CD Baby (and iTunes, BandCamp, et al.).

Molaro for Illinois is:
Mike Molaro on vocal and guitar
Thomas Damron on upright bass
Tony Rogers on cello
Joe Sundell on banjo

All songs on Molaro for Illinois written by Mike Molaro, with the exception of Leonard Cohen’s One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong.

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