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Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses Halloween Costume

Last minute costume idea based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses internet meme! If you’re really last minute and don’t have time to buy a foam mask, I guess you could just draw the Ninja Turtle right on your nose…

Hello Winter

I came up to the Catskills to chop firewood for this upcoming winter, and was greeted with a Fall snow storm. Hopefully this is a good sign for this year’s ski season in the North East.

World’s Best Surfer Perfectly Describes San Francisco’s Ocean Beach Ahead of Surf Contest

Kelly Slater, the world’s top surfer and former Baywatch cast member, is bracing for the cold water of Ocean Beach. Slater, along with 33 other professional surfers, will be in San Francisco for the Rip Curl Pro Search, taking place “somewhere” in San Francisco November 1-12.

The Rip Curl Pro Search will be Slater’s first time surfing San Francisco. While recently speaking to ASP International about his expectations for the notorious Ocean Beach venue, Slater nailed it saying,”I expect cold and paddling.

Never a city to disappoint, San Francisco will certainly meet Slater’s expectations. The average air temperature down by Ocean Beach is 50 – 55 °F, and the water temps rarely break 60 °F (it should be around 58 °F for the event).

Slater and the rest of the pros won’t have the assistance of jet skis for the contest either, making his second point about paddling a most certain reality. As noted by Ocean Beach Bulletin, “the National Park Service has decided to prohibit all personal watercraft except for those used by lifeguards at the event.”

This means that after a surfer rides a wave far inside, taking them close to the shore, they won’t have the option of getting a quick lift back to the break on a jet ski. For people watching the event this is somewhat of a downside, as there will undoubtedly be more paddling than surfing. And that means less chance of seeing Slater pull off something nasty, like this monster 360 air that garnered him a perfect 10 at the Quiksilver Pro New York:

However, the unusual conditions are what makes this such a special event. The people and surf community in San Francisco won’t disappoint either, as we can expect large turnouts for the event. With Ocean Beach providing an almost endless stretch of beach to watch from, and the nearby Safeway offering immediate access to beer, I for one can’t wait for the Rip Curl Pro Search to kick off.

If you can’t make it down to Ocean Beach to watch the event in person, it will be broadcast live on

SFPD Runs On Dunkin’

President Obama held a fundraiser in San Francisco today, and that meant a ton of police were deployed to close off the streets for his arrival. I snapped this opportune photo showing a mess of cops congregating around a white police truck, and utilized a friend’s Photoshop skills. Enjoy!

What’s Going On In This Restroom Sign?

For women, men, and small people who pretend to drive cars. Anyone else have ideas?

Seen at Hotel Adagio in San Francisco.

Yawning Street Art

Street artist zg (sp?), drops another cool piece on us in the Haight. This is the same artist who brought us Winged Cat on Ashbury for a couple days before it was selfishly power washed away.

Halloween Costume For A Volkswagon Beetle

Scary red teeth!

Still doesn’t do much to make you look tougher in a mint green Bug, but alright.

Bike Lane Stencil Animation


Free Gold Watch Balloon

Free Gold Watch

A Skatepark Could be Coming to The Upper Haight

The parking lot / learn-how-to-bike area located on Stanyan Street (at Waller Street) in the Upper Haight took a step closer to becoming San Francisco’s next full-blown skatepark.

The potential site for the “Waller Street Skate Plaza” recently had several deliciously grindable benches installed, turning the area into a temporary skaightpark in the Haight.

According to the SF Skateboarding Association,

…the infamous wendy’s benches from markets st  circa 1980′s 90′s ) have been installed as part of the pavement to parks program. over the next few months the rec and park – along with the SFSA and various other neighborhood groups will be acessing how the skatepark and various other groups will be able to co-use the space, eventually there will be a jersey barrier and other seating…. GO GET SOME!

Skateboarders definitely seem to be getting use out of these ledges.

I’m not sure why neighbors in the Haight would be against the Waller Street Skatepark. Aside from the recent Off the Grid events held in this location, it’s an otherwise wasted space.

Let people skate, blast dubstep, and I’ll sit on a tree trunk along the side and make GIFs all day long.

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