Your Car Blinker Is A Cyclist’s Best Friend

So you hate cyclists and think they need to abide by the same rules as a person driving a car that weighs four tons more than a bicycle. Great! You’re not alone. A lot people think the same way as you.

Unfortunately for you, cyclists are going to continue riding on the same streets that you drive on.

On the bright side there is one thing you can do as a motorist to help ease the tension between yourself and cyclists — use your blinker (turn signal).

There it is. This is the equalizer.

We’ll continue to roll stops and you’ll continue to door us, but if we all just overshare the direction we’re about to go in I’m sure it will make a diference.

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One Comment

  1. I use my turn signals and will continue to do so to help drivers and cyclists know what my next move is. And guess what? If you follow the laws of the road, I have a good idea how not to kill you. Turns out I don’t really want. I will totally door you, though.




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