It’s A Wrap: Hurricane Katia Closes Out The Quiksilver Pro NY In Style

Long Beach turned it on for the final day of the Quiksilver NY Pro with head-high barreling surf. After hearing a lot of crying about how there should never be a pro tour event on the east coast, how the pros should only be surfing the biggest and best waves, it was nice to see a decent fall swell push through Long Island for this contest.

Hurricane Katia gave us all she had, and the crowds showed up to see it.

To be honest, the Quiksilver Pro NY seemed to be all about money – selling a sport to a city not thought to be interested. But when you get to see Kelly Slater throw down a monster 360 air in the waters off Long Island, you instantly feel that it was just about surfing.

I don’t know if they will try to hold the New York event again next year, or what the chances are that there will be another hurricane swell, but I do know that this year’s event was a cool idea and I’m glad it worked out.

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  1. They actually signed up for a 3-year deal. I feel the same way about the money point though. I went down to LB on Labor Day when there was knee high slop and I thought I’d spend a couple hours hanging and checking it out, but I left after 10 minutes (and taking LIRR too, not just driving). The scene just weirded me out and I just didn’t want to be a part of it. It was not surfing, it was something entirely different. It was Quiksilver invading (I particularly enjoyed the Quiksilver t-shirts that said “Support Your Local Surf Shop” that they were selling out of their newly-constructed on-the-beach massive hub, which no doubt detracted business from all local surf shops throughout the week.

    But I came back on Tuesday morning when there was clean waist-high surf and got to catch waves between Slater, Balaram, Bede and Taj and my perspective changed because it at least seemed to be about surfing. Then, coming back on Friday, well….the waves were just so good, i surfed for 8 hours and caught the final, and that was enough for me. The event turned out better than most thought it would, including myself.




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